Annual Awards

The TEA announces special awards every year based on the previous year's results. The voting and presentation for these awards will occur some after the TEA Cup has run (early December) and before the following spring’s Papkura HT runs (late February).

  • YYYY [Division] Award: An award will be given to the horse with the single-best score from the year's recognized trial results in Pre-BN (Pre-Amoeba through Polywog) as well as each basic and CCI/CIC level.
  • YYYY Future Event Horse of the Year: Awarded to the FEH competitor with the single-best score from any of the 14 official FEH series shows. Note that if the winner no longer qualifies for FEH by December (competed under saddle above Pre-Amoeba), then the best score from a qualified foal will be selected instead.
  • FEH Audience Choice Award: Every foal with a 1st or 2nd place result at the FEH Championship show goes on a voting ballot, and then this award goes to vote.
  • YYYY Young Event Horse of the Year: This is awarded to the 4-6 year old with the single-best score from a YEH division at any trial on file for the year. If that horse has results on file for that year in Intermediate or higher, then it is disqualified for the award, and the next-best result wins.
  • Audience Choice Award: Every horse with a 1st or 2nd place result at the TEA Cup show goes on a voting ballot, and then this award goes to vote.
  • Audience Choice Rider of the Year: This award goes to the owner of the each of the horse winners of the Audience Choice award. In the event that a winning horse was sold between the FEH Championship or TEA Cup and the awards presentation, the owner who paid the entry fee to the Championship/Cup wins this award.
  • Eventing Owner of the Year: All trial results on file for the year are ranked (lowest overall score to highest), and the first owner to have 10 results appear wins.
  • Eventing Breeder of the Year: Every Three Days to Glory member who is the breeder of at least one TEA competitor is welcome to nominate themselves for the ballot. Breeders can showcase up to 3 TEA competitors that they bred (even if they don't own them). The winner is determined by vote.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

TEA horses and owners can qualify for lifetime achievement awards at any time. Nomination and presentation for these awards are handled on the TEA board on the game forum.

  • Lifetime Eventing Achievement Award: Horses registered with the TEA qualify for this award when they have met all of the following requirements.
    • Received at least 30 qualifying scores at official or sponsored trials
    • Holds the Eventing Hall of Fame title or better
    • Has placed (10th or better) at no less than 2 FEH Championship and/or TEA Cup shows. (Yes, this award takes at least 2 years!)

  • Eventing Sire/Dam Lifetime Achievement Award: Horses do not need to be eventing competitors to win this award. They just need to have at least 2 foals competing with the TEA (or former TEA competitors). Here are the requirements:
    • Must have at least 2 foals with results in the TEA archive
    • Combined total of at least 100 qualifying scores from trial results in the TEA archives from no more than 5 foals
    • At least 1 foal placed (10th or better) at the FEH Championship or TEA Cup
    • At least 1 foal has earned Eventing Hall of Fame or better

  • Eventing Owner Hall of Fame: TEA Members are inducted into the Hall of Fame when they have had at least 10 horses earn either of the above lifetime achievement awards. Note that a horse that earns both awards only counts for 1. Additionally, no more than 2 of the qualifying awards can be Sire/Dam awards where all of the foals used to earn the award already held their own lifetime achievement award.